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Month: November 2018

Shyam Kalle

Shyam Kalle is the Vice-President – Training & Development, at Mindmatrix, with a total experience of over 31 years. Shyam is an Author, Career/Life Success Coach, Master NLP Coach Practitioner, Enneagram Practitioner and a Behavioural Facilitator. He has previously worked in large organizations in leadership positions, and over the years, has spent considerable amount of time …

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Kusum Vig

Founder & DirectorMrs. Kusum Vig is a Counseling Psychologist, Dermatoglyphic Consultant & NLP Master Coach Practitioner associated with International Coach & Trainers Association (ICTA- Cyprus & Denmark) and American Psychological Association. She holds her Master’s degree and M.Phil in Psychology and has been working in the field of Behavioral Training, Counseling, Life Coaching and Education …

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Jack Makani

Mr. Jack Makani is the founding Chairperson of Makani Academy and International Coach and Trainers Association (ICTA). He is an internationally certified NLP Master Trainer who has trained and certified several thousand NLP Practitioners, Akasha Practioners and Trainers in many countries. He is a healer and trainer in personal and spiritual development. Jack Makani is …

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5 NLP Techniques to use in everyday life

Neuro-linguistic planning (NLP) encompasses the three essential components involved in producing human experience. While the neurological system controls how our bodies function, language determines how we interact with others, thereby forming the process through which we communicate our thoughts and ideas. Programming, the third component in the model, determines the kind of world we create for ourselves. Perhaps understood best as ‘projection’, programming is a blueprint of the world which we create for ourselves. NLP hence is a modality that explores the fundamental interplay between the mind, language, and our projections of the world.

What does it mean to be a Millennial?

What does it mean to be a Millennial? Does it refer to the highly driven ambitious youth of today who do not wish to settle for mediocrity or does the term in fact represent the highly anxious restless generation that is lining up at the therapists’ office complaining of extreme stress, extreme grief, extreme everything and an inability to cope? Parents complain that they are glued to their smart phones 24×7, do not register an event as completed unless it is shared with their 1000 something friends on social media, have short attention spans and an even shorter emotional wavelength, are constantly wishing for instant gratification and are unable to handle failure.

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