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Vidya Khan

Vidya designed her Life with a belief that we have been gifted with the power to landscape our own lives. She started her professional career
with the intent to gain financial freedom for herself and make a powerful difference to the society. Educating and inspiring like-minded
people to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances has always fascinated her.

Motto: To help the helpful
Mahatma Gandhi: “To change the world, change yourself while you are in it”.
When you help the helpful with the right values and intentions, consider that you have helped multiples in return.

Vidya is a savant when it comes to all forms of mental, psychological, physical healing and upbringing. She believes that we all are connected
and growth will attract growth. Her vision is to see the people that she encounters happy and prosperous.

Vidya is a formidable lady with a 20 years experience and a niche gravitas in business entrepreneurship. She is a founder and owner of
multiple organizations in India, U.A.E, Australia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. She is an Idea creator, an excellent implementer and growth maintainer. Vidya focuses on ethically and exceedingly getting the desired job done.

Core Competencies:
National and International business set up/personal and business profiling/life counselling /NLP practitioner/business consulting and
strategizing/marketing and go to market strategies/sales/stage orator/public speaking/behavioral skills and managerial efficiencies
training/communication strategy.

1. Grow everyday – Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually
2. Learn everyday – Being better than yesterday
3. Give back to society – Contribute towards other people’s progress
4. Grow business – Take my business to next level
5. Be Myself – Be true to myself and others at all times
6. Be a Team player at all levels of life situations and circumstances
7. Always give a win – win deal

1. Everything happens for a reason and purpose and it serves
2. Value choices. The best gift given to us is the ability to choose. Our
choices create our results
3. Visualize and describe end result before you undertake a task
4. Break bigger tasks into smaller manageable tasks
5. Whatever gets measured gets managed
6. We already have all the resources we need to design our lives – if not we
create them
7. Learning is in the doing

What you seek is seeking you back
Vidya Khan

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