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CEO Insights in conversation with Kusum Gandhi Vig
Counseling Psychologist, Certified NLP Trainer, Access Bars Facilitator and Enneagram Practitioner

What are the major aspects about your institute’s NLP training programs and we would also like to have an insight on the way you run the institute

  • The NLP training programs conducted by Mind Matrix Wellness Studio are accredited by the International Coach & Trainer Association which has its presence in Russia, Europe and now Asia as well.
  • We carry out Professional NLP Training programs based on coaching approach using NLP Techniques to bring in the Transformation. This integrated approach facilitates the clients to walk through their inner processes which are pragmatic, experiential, aligned with personal and professional aspects, which is why the NLP Programs that we offer certify participants as NLP Coach Practitioners supervised by the International NLP Master Trainer: Jack Makani with 3 decades of experience in the NLP World.
  • The unique organizational structure of Mind Matrix Wellness Studio is based on “Facilitated Autonomy” where each core team member is empowered to make meaningful decisions and drive change aligned with the core values we stand for – Collaboration, Creativity and Communication.

How has your institute’s journey been so far and what challenges did you encounter during this journey?

  • Today when I look back through the lenses of our clients, be it Corporate clients, people in the Helping Profession, millennial, Parents, Business Heads, Entrepreneurs, I find the journey truly inspiring and fulfilling when you see them transform, create the life that they want and also hear them share their success stories.
  • And it has been an uphill journey as we work in a niche industry and creating awareness and willingness towards investing time & effort in self development has been the major challenge. However, at the end of the day, breaking through the traditional conditioning and setting context for the need and importance of self development through our Trainings and workshops does bring in immense satisfaction. That’s what keeps us going and strengthens our belief that self awareness is the key to self growth.

Kindly throw some light on your professional background and experience that helps in molding strategic business modules for your institute.


  • After doing my Masters and M Phil in Psychology three decades plus down the timeline, understanding the principles behind human behavior and NLP Mastery has been my core area of interest which added a lot of value to my career as an NLP Trainer and in the field of teaching Psychology and I think my innate organization building abilities have helped me to lead the self driven team supported by Sulogna Gupta: Director Operations, who has played a key role to achieve excellence in whatever we do.


  • Our Strategic business modules are driven by clear vision and mission towards personal development. We are continuously working with individuals from varied demographics keeping an ever evolving growth mindset which I think opens up possibilities for further growth based on experience based issue resolution.

 What opportunities do you foresee in the current NLP training industry and how are you molding your institute with respect to the same?  


  • Looking at the dynamically changing corporate and entrepreneurial industry, we do require a flexible approach to drive and manage thinking patterns and solution driven thought process. At Mind Matrix, one of the most sought after NLP training program at the corporate has been “Coaching for Excellence for Change Management” which influences productivity and levels of engagement.



  • I personally feel that People on the planet are looking for meaningful existence and NLP is a way of life and it comes with life skills which all of us need to be equipped with to manage our inner state, become more resourceful, overcome limiting beliefs, be able to become an influential Communicator, resolve inner conflicts, strengthen relationships and find purpose and meaning personally and professionally.

Kindly throw some light on the various NLP training programs that you offer. Also, explain about the unique benefits along with the pricing linked with these programs. 


  • Mind Matrix Wellness Studio is basically a Train the Trainer institute which provides various NLP Training programs starting with the Certified NLP Coach Practitioner Training followed by NLP Coaching Master Practitioner with eight weeks of Externship in Coaching, 3 day Time Line Transformational Workshop for Wellness Professionals & 500 Hours of NLP Coaching experience is the pre requite to attend the ICTA Professional NLP Trainers Training and after 5 years of Training and Coaching Experience you can get certified as NLP Master Trainer and start your own institute affiliated to ICTA.
  • Apart from these certification courses, we also offer personalized NLP Programs for Educational Institutes, Corporate Sector and we have recently designed a unique NLP module on Coach Approach to Positive Parenting Workshop emphasizing on Parents as NLP Coach Practitioners to work towards Holistic Development of children and for spectacular family relationships.
  • The unique benefits are defined by an inside out approach of self awareness to peak performance and productivity. These benefits add immense value which is priceless. However, the price range of our NLP Training programs range from INR 35000 onwards for a 5 day Training program and we also offer interest free installment options to enable people to embark on this journey towards self discovery to Self Actualization.

What are the innovative training methodologies that you follow to ensure the best learning outcomes for the participants? Also, do you deploy any advanced technologies to support the training process?


  • Apart from classroom Training and Coaching Programs, we also offer Online Live Classroom NLP Training using Zoom Web portal. Recently Mind Matrix organized 2 day Online ICTA Conference based on Self Coaching using NLP Techniques conducted by set of 7 Distinguished Trainers and Coaches from Europe, Russia and Asian Countries.


  • The in class program and online courses are also supported by Videos and Audio which are easily accessible by the participants for future references.
  • With Webinar based learning programs, we are making it easier for individuals to access our courses at the click of a button, save time and still get the same value. Each webinar program is immersive and provides the level of quality which Mind Matrix is known for.
  • We also make use of sound technology during the Trance Induction Exercises which facilitates access to subconscious mind for transformation at a deeper level.

How do you ensure to maintain the quality and authenticity of content during the training process


  • Since we follow a continuous and comprehensive evaluation process, our refresher courses, online web conferencing such as the ICTA – Asia Conference brings together the best in the world on self development ensuring up skilling and broad based learning for all our trainers, facilitators and mentors alike.
  • Coaching and Training hours are recorded by all the ICTA Trainer and Coaches to ensure consistent feedback gathering and critical evaluation of each participant experience helps us enhance our quality and standards.
  • The NLP Curriculum is designed by ICTA Founders and Master Trainers which is culturally implemented in various countries with preferred languages and the focus of the training is process driven using client centered approach bringing in the authenticity

Brief us about your panel of trainers, their professional experiences and expertise in the industry.


  • Mind Matrix Wellness Studio has grown from strength to strength and is supported by Internationally Certified Trainers and Coaches from Europe and Russia: Jack Makani with 30 years of experience in the NLP World, Julija Kubova who is an Enneagram and NLP Trainer and Dorthe provides an expertise in Psychotherapies.
  • We do have onboard with us a team of ICTA Certified NLP Trainers and Master Coaches in India, to name a few: personally as a Counseling Psychologist and an NLP Trainer, my core expertise lies in Aptitude Testing and Personality Assessment integrated with NLP Coaching for Holistic Transformation, Shyam Kalle who comes with rich Industry experience, is an Expert in one to one Coaching Sessions, Sulogna Gupta is a Corporate behavioral Trainer, Jaswinder Grewal specializes in Personal Empowerment Sessions,  Rajat Chawla, an established speaker, is a customer experience Transformist  and all of them together bring to the table their own unique skills and with them comes a high alignment of life experiences to which our techniques  have been applied.
  • Clear vision and values drive the culture of Mind Matrix and we have evolved over a period of time in the NLP field and a collective experience of over 100+ years of training professionals to function at peak performance.

Are you coming up with innovations or up-gradations to enhance your existing NLP training programs

  • We follow a kaizen based approach of continuous improvement where we see the processes in action all the time to enhance our existing NLP Training programs.
  • We have recently started with online one on one coaching sessions through Conference Meeting Rooms to establish better rapport with the Master Coaches.
  • The online session are evaluated through on the ground feedback in real life scenarios and compared with best in class programs to ensure that the content is up to date with the latest research methodology.
  • The NLP Training modules are updated on a quarterly basis yet always keep the core understanding of the human psyche and behavioral approaches intact.

What is the future roadmap set for your institute? How are you updating yourself with the latest technologies/industry trends in order to make your institute reach its future goals?


  • Presently, we are in the process of expansion which has been possible with the help of our Chapter Directors in various cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Kochi. The Chapters areorganizing  awareness campaigns in their respective cities and our Onboard Trainers and Coaches travel to conduct seminars and trainings. We are looking to induct 20 Chapters in this financial year to gradually make our presence felt in every city before we launch ourselves in the South East Asian Countries.
  • As the world becomes digital so has the medium for consumption of information, our move to online programs, webinars and automated feedback mechanisms as well as approaching an app based “small bytes of information to bring about positive self change approach are all either implemented or the work is already in progress.

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