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The International Akasha Healing & Mind - Body Wellness Retreat

Why should you attend

• To develop a greater sense of well-being, inner peace, and self-worth

• To stay more centered and balanced in the most challenging, competitive and stressful world.

• For personal empowerment on the levels of Mind, Body & Soul.

• For high-performance of the brain by connecting to the Higher Mind with easy access to the belief system.

• For faster and more natural manifestations.

• Finally this training helps you to move forward in your life with increased clarity and purpose

Balancing the Seven Life - Force Energy Centres

The training process

The Akasha Healing allows connection to be made between our inner core and the infinite possibilities of the universe working in the quantum field.


• Energy cleaning process including dynamic meditation, holotropic breathing, and timeline transformation.

• When you connect the meridians of the physical body to the grids of the electromagnetic field, in which individual returns to his/her innate state of well-being or balance on all levels, which includes our body, mind, and soul.

• This energy flow has grounding and cleansing effect on the body; and as it activates the chakras and heals the organs associated with each of the chakras. The effect is often invigorating; adding a noticeable boost to one’s vitality. The healer meditates on the healing symbols using his or her concentration to unite the energies of the symbol with that of the person requiring healing.

• Transformational Breathing has tons of research for proof of how it can bust stress, aid in recovery from buried trauma, help recover from chronic anxiety and panic attack and also re-energize after a stressful da or week and release tension that you don’t even realize you are holding onto until it’s gone! Dr. J. Allan Hobson, a leading brain researcher at Harvard University, sums up why breath work is so powerful. Breath work also uses music as a catalyst to access deep emotion and unconscious thou
ghts, feeling and emotions and tensions along with deep circular breathing


The Master Trainer & Transformational Coach

Mr. Jack Makani is the founder of Akasha Healing System and the founding Chairperson of International Coach and Trainers Association (ICTA). He is an internationally certified NLP Master Trainer who has trained and certified several hundred NLP Practitioners, Akasha Practioners and Trainers in many countries. He is a healer and trainer in personal and spiritual development. 

Jack Makani is a former Army Major in the Danish Army with a degree in psychology education from The Defence Academy and has been working as a trainer and therapist in a number of countries since 1990. He has founded several healing and NLP institutes in Europe, Russia and published books, DVDs and CD about personal and spiritual development.

During the last twenty years Jack has taught personal development to thousands of students in many countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Island, Iceland, Russian Federation, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, India, Nepal, US, Armenia and Cyprus. Co founder of NLP Huset (the NLP House) in Copenhagen in 1990 and NLP Huset in Oslo in 2000 Jack Makani recently developed Hug and Heal campaign to provide psychological first aid service to the earthquake survivors in Nepal and people around the world. 


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