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LIVE Online Akasha Healing & Personal Empowerment Retreat

Date: 16th October-20th October, 2021 I Time: Residential Workshop I Venue: ATMANTAN Wellness Center, Mulshi-Pune, India

Why should you attend

  • To develop a greater sense of well-being, inner peace & self worth
  • To integrate the power of the 3 Minds
  • Opening the channels: Cleaning up unconscious negative emotions and create more inner flow
  • Empower your minds: Learn the powerful breathing techniques
  • The way of love: How to connect to the deep inner love inside
  • The way Forward: How to create what you want and get it
  • Manifestation: How to integrate in your daily life
  • Helps you to move forward with Clarity & Purpose in Life
  • Maintain physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Establish communication with higher spiritual forces
  • Understand and realize your life’s mission
  • Develop energy healing skills to help yourself and others

The training process

The Akasha Healing system works holistically through witnessing changes on a sub-atomic level to transform your inner energies and raise your vibrations. This system provides you an outlet for suppressed emotions and connects you to your inner core, and integrates the five elements – Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Akasha. The miracles begin to happen when the three minds – the conscious, the subconscious, and the Higher Mind are aligned together creating a deep understanding of who you are and the purpose of your life.
The Akasha training consists of a series of LIVE Online sessions. The purpose of each session is to experience deep internal transformation which includes the following techniques

  • Dynamic dance, voice and silent meditations
  • Breathing practices
  • Working with the energies of elements
  • Establishing contact with the energies of nature
  • Integrating the human mind, body and energy system

The Master Trainer & Transformational Coach

Jack Makani is the Founder of Makani Academy and President of the Akasha Coach Alliance (ACA). He is also the founder of the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System which was channeled in 2001 from the unseen levels.

Jack was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1943. As a youth he enrolled into the Danish Army and rose to the rank of major before he quit in January 1991. Jack left the army to devote himself entirely into coaching and psychotherapeutic work. In 1998, He was internationally certified as a Master Trainer of NLP.

In 1997, after experiencing a miraculous case of self-healing from a deadly disease, Jack changed his name to – Jack Makani. Translated from the Hawaiian language, “makani” means – the wind that brings change. As a result of a deep spiritual transformation, Jack opens a channel of communication with the Ascended Masters. Ever since then, he has continued to work with their support, following their direct leadership.

Today, Jack Makani travels around the world and conducts training, the Time Line Transformation method and the Akasha Empowerment & Healing System.

Jack Makani shares his insights about Akasha Training at Hawaii


Training Program

Training Cost

Residential Workshop

USD 450+GST Applicable

Online Live Workshop

USD 225+GST Applicable


Mrs. Kusum Vig is a Counselling Psychologist, ICTA Certified NLP Trainer & Access Bars Facilitator associated with International Coach & Trainers Association (ICTA) and American Psychological Association. She hold her Master’s degree and M.Phil in Psychology and has been working in the filed of Counselling, Life Coaching, Training and Teaching for nearly three decades.

She is the Founder and Director of Mind Matrix Wellness Studio and is helping people worldwide to discover their inborn potential and personality traits with the help of Biometric and Psychometric Aptitude Test and has been conducting Certified NLP Coach Practitioner Trainings for personal and professional growth.

Some of her associates include the Symbiosis Center for Management Studies Pune, Defense Institute of Psychological Research ( DRDO), New Delhi, Educational Institutes, Army Welfare Centers, Women Economic Forum (WEF), Asian Dermotoglyphic Research Centre (ADRC) and Centre for Multiple Intelligences and Dermatoglyphic (CFMID), Visionary International, Nepal.

She is the recipient of Good Karma Award from Speaking Tree (Times Internet Limited) @ New Delhi, India on January 21, 2017, Life Coaching Award by All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum in May, 2016 & Achievers’ Award by Bhoomika Eastern on International Womens Day.

Date: 16th October-20th October, 2021
Time: Residential Workshop
Venue: ATMANTAN Wellness Center, Mulshi-Pune, India 
Contact us at 90301 24615, 93462 47003, 98811 02153

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