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Online Live Certified Enneagram Master Practitioner Training

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The Enneagram is a highly sophisticated system of nine personality profiles that are meant to help us know ourselves and others “as we/they are to themselves”. Each type profile serves as a customized road map for on-going personal growth consistent with categories of modern psychological typology.

  1. Create the “tree of your personality” – deepest analysis of your personality.
  2. Learn how personal history of each person develops their instincts, and how it is reflected in Enneagram subtypes.
  3. Find out your main instinct and how to balance the other two instincts. This will improve the balance in all your life spheres and will help you to become an even more harmonious and congruent person.
  4. Learn how your Enneagram personality type developed in your “childhood trauma”. During the course, you will get the opportunity to heal your trauma. This will lead to a transformation of your relationship with your parents, consequently influencing your personal and business relationship.
  5. Learn about your type of paradox. This will make it clear why it is difficult to sustain in a comfort state and why the main majority of people go to the stress factors over and over again. You will find the way how to create a new resourceful strategy of your behavior in life.
  6. Learn 81 levels of development of Enneagrams. Learn what is your level of development and create a plan on how to grow inside of your life.
  7. Learn what does it mean to be in the “red zone” and what does it mean to know your “alarm”. That will provide you the skills to control your state and help others when it is needed.
  8. Learn what other people need and what is their best potential. Provide a unique tool if you are working in managing, leadership, customer service, coaching, or any other helping profession.
  9. Learn how to use Enneagram and coaching skills for developing yourself and other people.
  10. Complete the course with your plan of development for the future.
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