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Psychometric testing can take you down the appropriate path of learning and career growth

Career Guidance & Counselling

(13 Years onwards)

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Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions you will ever take to live a fulfilling life which needs to resonate with your interests, innate abilities, core values and personality traits. Nothing contributes more to leading a meaningful and happy life than matching your passion to profession.

The following On-line Career Guidance Test will tell you What Career You Should Choose Based on Your 

Skills, Abilities and Personality Traits

Why you should take the Psychometric test?

lack of clarity

You have no idea what you want to do in life

Missing guidance

Your parents feel you should go for one stream but you feel more inclined for something else


You have decided a career and would like to validate it


You would like to understand which is the right career for you based on your inborn potential and personality

This Career Guidance Session will guide students and professionals to understand the right career options for them based on their innate abilities and their personality


Helping individuals to gain greater self-awareness in areas such as interests, values, abilities, and personality style

Engaging students in the decision-making process in order that they can choose a career path that is well suited to their own interests, values, abilities and personality style

Connecting students to resources so that they can become more knowledgeable about jobs and occupations

Assisting individuals to be active managers of their career paths (including managing career transitions and balancing various life roles) as well as becoming lifelong learners in the sense of professional development over the lifespan

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