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The essential 7 Step program to Self Exploration and Mastery

Jack Makani

Self-coaching: The 7 Steps to Yourself

Jack Makani

We are all creators of our life whether we like it or not. This is the basic assumption behind this book. The famous author Deepak Chopra claims that “the world is inside us”. When we understand that, we start to get in touch with the tremendous power that exists inside human beings. This book reveals the practical steps of how you can guide yourself to achieve whatever is important to you.

The book is full of very practical tools and processes leading you through the steps. You can make the process even more intensive by adding the supplement: the videos with demonstrations and further explanations and the audios with special trance inductions assisting the unconscious expansion of your personal resources. You also have the opportunity to download a free writing manual for all the exercises.
Do you need to do this 7 step process only once in your life? Probably not. We are living in a world changing rapidly because we are changing inside ourselves. And you may need sometimes to go back and redo the process, also as a way to make it clearer to yourself what is going on in your life and inside your own personality.

The book is divided into 7 chapters or 7 practical steps. The steps are:
1. Take responsibility for everything in your life
2. Know yourself
3. Explore the present
4. Clean up your life
5. Live from the heart
6. Decide what you want
7. Empower yourself

7 Steps to Self Mastery

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Chapter Wise - Media Add ons

Chapter 1 - Take responsibility for your life

Chapter 1 - Basic Anchoring

The World is inside. How to get a better internal state by simple anchoring.

Chapter 1 - Collapse and Anchor

How to change the internal state by collapsing an old anchor.

Chapter 2 - Know yourself

Chapter 2 - Johari Window

Understand the Johari Window

Chapter 3 - Explore the present

Chapter 3 - The Walt Disney Model

The Walt Disney Model

Chapter 4 - Clean up your life

Chapter 4 - Intro to working with internal parts

Intro to working with internal parts

Chapter 4 - Balancing parts by using Infinity loop

Balancing parts by using Infinity loop

Chapter 5 - Live from the heart

Chapter 6 - Decide what you want

Chapter 6 - Balancing goals (intro)

Balancing goals on logical levels

Chapter 6 - Balancing goals

Balancing goals on logical levels

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