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Psychometric Testing

Measure for ability, skills and traits. The test that you can use to find the perfect career for your self.

Biometric Testing

Analyze and identify aptitude, interests, abilities, multiple intelligences and learning styles of adults and children


Understand the career you need, evaluate each option, identify any alternatives, and look at your short- and long-term options.

According to the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, each person is born with a collection of intelligences which have different levels of strength. Our responsibility is to identify and nurture the strongest intelligences to awaken the hidden potential inside us.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is a standard and scientific method used to measure individual’s capabilities and behavioural style. Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the personality characteristics and aptitude. 

Most of the students are undecided on what career path they may wish to follow.

As a result they often rely on advice from parents who simply may not know what advice to give. Career guidance counsellors, who are an invaluable source of information, can generate discussions about potential career pathways and provide options for the student to consider. A powerful instrument often used to assist in providing career advice is a careers test. It empowers the career advisor by supplying objective and independent information regarding the student, and gives a scientific output on which to base discussions about career pathways. 

The idea is that if a certain type of personality enjoys certain types of jobs, we can scientifically predict what types of jobs your child is likely to enjoy and be really successful at. Traditionally, only career interests are measured, ignoring the person’s skills, personality, and work ethics. Even with the advances of technology, there are still tests being administered by pen and paper. 


Biometric Testing (DMIT)

The aim of this report is to assess your inborn inclinations and guide how to enhance and strengthen your innate abilities to achieve your desired outcome. There is no short cut to success. Besides inborn intelligences, success and failure of your children will also depend on multitude of factors like knowledge acquired, kind of guidance and training they go through, the environment they grow up with, opportunities available to them. You can only move from strength to strength if you are aware about your strengths and weaknesses both and are ready to build on your strengths and work towards your weaker areas. The prerequisite is to ‘know thyself’ with the help of inborn potential assessment test. It is highly recommended to encourage your children to participate in activities corresponding to their preferred learning styles, Multiple Intelligences, personality traits, interests and preferences and then facilitate them to set their own goals to realize their fullest potential and gift them happier and stress free lives.

The Certified Dermatoglyphics Counselors associated with Mind Matrix can analyze and identify aptitude, interests, abilities, multiple intelligences and learning styles of the clients and help parents/ children better understand the career they need to choose; and how it can be tailored to them based on their unique personality and potential. They can help you evaluate each option, identify any alternatives, and look at your short- and long-term options. They help you decide, which career is best suited for you by narrowing down your occupational choices.



Career counseling is a tool which can be very effective in allowing students and professionals to realize their true potential and find work that aligns with their natural inclinations. The best time to give students an exposure to the idea of career counseling is when they are at the start of their degree programs or looking to switch careers. Career counseling is not a quick fix; it is a process which takes time and understanding as the counselor needs to get attuned to the capabilities of each student. 


We facilitate individuals to choose their course and career on the basis of their inherent strengths, their aptitude, personality and interests, this helps them to naturally be able to enjoy their studies and their work, and ultimately, do well in their course /career, and thereby lead a happy and successful life

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