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This Transactional Analysis course will help you to have better and more effective communication, thereby improving your social and work life. 

The Foundation Course for Transactional Analysis is organised by Mind Matrix Wellness Studio, an Institute Accredited to ICTA (International Coach and Trainer’s Association – Europe).

Expected Outcomes

  • Explore the hidden areas of the human mind and enhance awareness of self and others.
  • Strengthen withering human relations by exploring the undercurrents in human behaviour.
  • Improve emotional literacy.
  • Improve communication effectiveness.
  • Learn easy methods in healing the human mind and enabling better personal reflection and self-motivation.
  • Learn techniques for effective and optimum parenting.
    Enables people to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions by eliminating undesirable negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Models of TA can be applied outside of counselling, in fields such as education and business.


Nisha Lohiya, a business owner in the field of importing and marketing of wooden flooring and finance management from past 12 years, is a Bernian Transactional Analyst and a certified trainer for the same from ICTA. She also has MBA, MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy, certificate in Naturopathy and CABCS to her credit. A freelance trainer and passionate for teaching and healing others.

Pratima Jadon who been a professional teacher for over a decade, took to Transactional Analysis through the Institute for Counselling and Transactional Analysis, Kochi. She has been empowering people to overcome their challenges in work and home life through counselling and enabling them with tools to change to a more evolved state. She is also a certified Access Bars Facilitator for Access Consciousness, helping people through healing abilities.

Session 1

4 Hours
  • Introduction To TA
  • Basic Assumptions of TA
  • Goal of TA
  • Personality
  • Identification of Ego States
  • Transactions

Session 2

4 Hours
  • Strokes
  • Life Positions
  • Script

Session 3

4 Hours
  • Script (contd..)
  • Rackets and Emotions
  • Games
  • Revisiting Goal of TA
  • Conclusion

The Online Advantage

  • A unique program designed for you to learn Transactional Analysis Foundation Course from the comfort of your home.
  • Resolve your personal issues (related to relationships, career, communication, and emotional barriers) that are holding you back from achieving success.
  • Above all, get certified from an accredited body Institute of Counselling and Transactional Analysis, Cochin.
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