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Workshop for Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Corporate Professionals

Discover the Secret to 10X Growth Mindset & Neuromarketing Skills

You want to take your business to the next level but you are stuck with the past results and need to re-strategize your plans and think differently. It is time to think BIGGER!

Going for 10x growth, you don’t need to beat competition: instead you need extraordinary levels of creativity and innovative thinking. It would mean making massive steps forward in your resourcefulness and value creation.

Often, an incremental growth gets you stuck with the past results and challenges, whereas, with a 10X growth mindset, you are thinking 10 times bigger than the current target. Your focus changes from the past to the future. You focus on what your ideal future looks like, and put all your resources and energies towards that vision. This is a trigger for taking difficult decisions that you earlier thought were not possible, and take massive action towards your targets. The 10X Growth Mindset changes the way you do your Business.


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of widely accepted use of practical and tested techniques for excellence that have been modelled on how top-performers in different fields get outstanding results. The techniques enable deep insighful thinking towards how you approach your targets through a systematic framework designed for success. The increasing popularity of NLP is because it is outcome-oriented, the results are easily and quickly seen, and the techniques are easy to use.

Who is it for ?

Corporate Professionals, Managing Directors, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Aspiring Leaders, Sales & Marketing Professionals

Learning & development Professionals, trainers, coaches & mentors

HR Professionals, change managers and those who are responsible for cultural change, communicating, influencing and performance improvement with in  an organization

Programme Outline Structure - Duration : 2 days (9 am to 5 pm)

Benefits of NLP

Applications of NLP

Trainers and Trainees

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