The COACH APPROACH TO Parenting Workshop

The two most wonderful things a parent can give a child are “Roots and Wings”

Effective Parenting
"The Whole Brain Child"

Effective parenting is to play the role of a “Coach” providing just the right combination of encouragement, support, and guidance. Good parenting in the home can make a phenomenal difference to a child’s academic achievements in school

What Will You Learn?


Create mutually respectful and cooperative communication with your children


Build a trusting relationship with your teens and
pre-teens by matching and mirroring their inner state


Create interest and help children to learn based on their own learning style and maximize their potential.

Personality Type

The different parenting styles and personality types
of your children


Identify how to address beliefs or habits that get in the way of being an effective parent


How to support your child to learn effectively
and effectively

Join us for an informative and interactive positive parenting webinar based on
“The Coach Approach
to Parenting”

Why should you attend?

Single Parent

You are a single parent coping with multiple roles and need guidance for balancing motherhood and care

channelize energies

Your child is hyperactive and you want to know how to channelize his/her energies


You want to understand how your child learns best: what is the most effective way to communicate with him


You want to have best relationship with teenagers and want to guard your children from technological influences

Benefits Of
"The Coach Approach To Parenting"


Creating a better connection with your child to improve communication


Identifying key issues that parents experience and their causes


Overcoming lack of control, helplessness and perceived loss of love or rejection


Helping your child to develop independence and maturity whilst maintaining authority and love

Positive State

Accessing positive emotional states with speed and ease

Better UNderstanding

How to fully understand and listen to what is happening internally for your child without making assumptions

Goal Setting

Using goal setting to improve your reactions during challenging scenarios

Content Coverage

Session- 1-Know Your Child

• Introductions
• Setting participants’ expectations
• Research of NLP on the field of early childhood education
• Case Studies on NLP in Early Childhood Education
• Parenting Styles
• Personality Types of Children

Session 2 - relationships

• Building Trust
• How to listen so kids will talk
• How to talk so children will listen
• Circle of Excellence for confidence building

Session 3 - Joint activity

Communication skills and Empowering Interactions
• Positive discipline, finding the balance
• Being Emotionally Intelligent with your children
• The Socio-Cultural Context
• Positive Strategies Using NLP

Session 4- Relationship as a process

Combination of attitudes/beliefs, behavior and skills followed by Personal Sessions on request
• The Impact of Changes in Family Structure
• The role of beliefs and values
• Setting well formed Outcomes for children
• Strategies for Learning to unlearn unwanted behaviour and how to generate new behaviour

Unique approach

To provide you and your family members with thoughts, insights and tools that will prove to be useful and will ultimately bring about a desired change in your lives.

Objectives Of The Workshop

Brain Lobes

Whole brain development & various different learning styles


Parenting Style

Parenting styles with the brain in mind – Cognitive, Affective, Reflective and Critical


Personality Type

Understand different personality styles of children and how to deal with them

Social Skill

Develop the resilience of social and emotional intelligence in children

Psychomotor Skills

Learn various psycho motor activities for whole brain development of your child

Parenting tools

Introduction to further tools and exercise to equip parents for Effective parenting

Course Outline

Being a parent is by far one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs on the planet! Unfortunately with this particular job there is no training manual, limited feedback on your performance, and there is no right or wrong way of doing things. It can also be difficult to find support and many parents experience the feeling of not doing a good enough job if they have to ask for advice from a professional. There is no right way of being a parent, but there are steps that you can take if your family relationships are not working out as well as they could be or perhaps you just want to be prepared for the challenging teenage years to come!
The Coach Approach to Positive Parenting involves learning some of the basic techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that can really influence the way you and your child relate to one another. You will learn new language patterns and ways to approach options with your child that will have them responding with less fuss whilst still feeling empowered. Using your new skills you will also be able to better support your child in overcoming their own challenges and improve relationships between siblings.

It’s important to recognize that The Coach Approach to Positive Parenting is not about changing your child or what your child does, but about changing your responses and communication with your child so that you begin to nurture more desired responses from them.

Expected Outcomes


How to have meaningful, supportive conversations with your children


How to address beliefs or habits that get in the way of being an effective parent and to help your children address beliefs or habits that limit them


How to support your children to learn effectively

Parenting Styles

Understand the different parenting styles and personality types of your children

Mrs. Kusum Vig is a Counseling Psychologist, Dermatoglyphic Consultant & NLP Master Coach Practitioner associated with International Coach & Trainers Association (ICTA- Cyprus & Denmark) and American Psychological Association. She holds her Master’s degree and M.Phil in Psychology and has been working in the field of Behavioral Training, Counseling, and Coaching & Education for nearly three decades.

Kusum Vig


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Date: 22 Dec, 2018
Time: 8 PM to 10 PM

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