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The Mandala of Life


7 Elements of an Integral Being with  Music – Meditation – Mandala

Course Fee = Rs. 500 Per Session ( Total Number of sessions = 8)

Date: Every Saturday and Sunday (10th Oct to 1st November, 2020)

Time: 6:00 am to 8:00 am

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Facilitated By: Mrs. Kusum Gandhi Vig

Counselling Psychologist | Certified NLP Trainer | Enneagram Master Practitioner and  Access Bars Facilitator

  • Received ‘Good Karma Award’ from Speaking Tree – Times of India
  • Featured as ‘The Top 10 Best NLP Trainers’ by CEO Insights’

7 Elements of an Integral Being with  Music – Meditation – Mandala

Higher Intuition  Do you understand your spiritual connection to all that exists? Are you able to recognize your inner and outer beauty?
Ideation  Do you intuitively just “know” certain things? Are you wise? A deep thinker? Do you have a well developed “mind’s eye”?
Self -Expression Do you communicate your thoughts to others well? Do people consider you articulate?
Connection Do you have love in your life? Are you emotionally connected to others and have a strong social network?
Self- Concept Do you have a high degree of self esteem? Are you confident?
Exploration Do you have abundance in your life? Are you an emotionally balanced person?
Grounding Do you feel grounded? Are you physically healthy?

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