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The Coach Approach to Parenting

The Coach Approach to Positive Parenting can help Parents look forward to gaining a better understanding of their individual parenting styles and how it applies to their children. Each session is designed to encourage stimulating conversation between all parents in attendance and the experts for practical tips and tools.

Why the Coach Approach to Parenting:

  • To learn effective and creative strategies to engage children at specific ages (0-7, 8-12, 13-18)
  • To enjoy dynamic exchange of ideas and personal experiences with other parents
  • To hear timeless parenting principles backed by trusted research from parenting experts
It is a big and new world for children entering primary school. They will face new levels of social engagement which can be overwhelming. The principles and attitudes they develop in these years of rapid growth will form the bedrock of their values and relationships which will carry into their teen years.

What kind of Parent do you aspire to be? Is it your desire to transform your Parent – Child relationship?

As the child goes to school, parents also need to go to school to learn the right skill sets, the right methodology in order to become effective parents. Parents, you continue to have great influence in their lives; help them build a solid foundation at home and in their interpersonal relationships. Receive refreshing insights & practical tips to deepen communication with your child at every life-stage by signing up

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